Hurricane Collegiate Tour

Tour Policies

USGA Rules
The USGA rules will govern all play. If between the group, a ruling cannot be established and there is no rules official in the vicinity, we ask you play two balls and a ruling will be administered in the scoring tent. Please do not sign scorecards until a ruling has been made official.

Tie Breakers
Tie breakers for first place only will be decided by a sudden death 1 hole playoff. The sudden death playoff will continue until we have a champion.

Cart Policy
Players have the option to ride or walk in the large majority of our tournaments. Under the Tournament notes it will let you know if the event is riding only.

Code of Conduct
Proper golf attire and etiquette is required at all HCGT events.

Conforming Golf Balls and Driver Heads
Please click the link to check the conforming and non-conforming list.

Distance Measuring Devices
The HCGT allows devices that measure distance only. Devices that measure wind and/or slope are not allowed.

Rainouts and Inclement Weather
The HCGT will make every effort to play an event to the conclusion. We will continue play in wet weather unless lightning or severe weather is in the near forecast. In the event the participants need to evacuate the course, tournament officials and the host facility will sound an air horn. Once the air horn is blown you must discontinue all play. Where ever your ball lies, please mark it and we will make every effort to continue play. If an event is shortened due to rain there will be no refunds or credits issued.

In the event a stipulated round is canceled due to inclement weather, the HCGT will make every effort to post a score for that particular day. 9 hole increments will be used for shortened rounds. An entire age division must be through at least the same 9 holes for the score to post for that day otherwise no scores will be posted.

In the event that NO golf is played and the ENTIRE event is cancelled, HCGT accounts will be credited in full for the event *minus a 50 dollar administration fee. The credit will be in the players account to use for entry into a future HCGT event.

Refund Policy
The HCGT has a NO refund policy on all Memberships and Event Registrations purchased.  The following Account Credit policy has been issued for Event Registrations only.  Before withdrawing from a tournament please review our policies.  All WD requests must be submitted via email to Your email will be returned within 48 hours. In the email please include the player’s name, reason for WD, and which option below you would like to choose. Please note that WD’s cannot be accepted over the phone and must be in writing. No exceptions will be made for any reason.

  • Requests for Account Credit that are received prior to 13 days before the first round will be honored minus a $25 administration fee.
  • Requests for Account Credit that are received between 12 – 7 days before the first round will be honored minus 50% of the entry fee.
  • A transfer may be requested up until 7 days prior to the first round. Please note that you must transfer your entry fee to a tournament of equal or lesser value or you will be charged the remainder of the balance. Participants are limited to one transfer per calendar year.
  • No credits or transfers will be issued if a participant cancels their entry 6 days or less prior to the first round. No exceptions will be made.

HCGT Withdrawal Policy
Due to the rising number of withdraws in collegiate golf, the HCGT has instituted the following withdrawal policy. Once the player has decided to withdraw he or she must report to the tournament director. If a player fails to report to the tournament staff prior to withdrawing, their WD will be considered unjustified. The tournament director will make a decision based on the information gathered from the player and his or her fellow group.

Justified Withdrawal
The player is obviously ill or has been injured and physically cannot finish the round. The player will receive a WD- Illness or Injury and will be listed next to the players name in the tournament results. Once the tournament director has issued a justified withdrawal, no further action will take place.

Questionable Withdrawal
A questionable withdrawal is where the tournament director or staff cannot determine if a player is withdrawing for a legitimate reason. Once the tournament director has gathered all relevant information, the HCGT staff will decide whether the withdrawal is legit. The particular player will receive a WD and will be listed next to his or her name in the tournament results. Once a player has accumulated three questionable withdrawals, he or she will not be allowed to participate in the Tour Championship and will receive suspended membership.

Unjustified Withdrawal
An unjustified withdrawal is a situation where a player is clearly withdrawing due to poor play or lack of ambition. An unjustified withdrawal also includes withdrawing for any reason without notifying the tournament director. The HCGT takes unjustified withdrawals very seriously and will not be tolerated. An NC (No Card) or NS (No Show) will be issued next to the players name in the tournament results based on the situation. Once a player has accumulated two unjustified withdrawals, his or her membership will be suspended for the rest of the calendar year.

Official Time
The official time will be maintained at the starting tee(s) only.